whos this bitch??

hello! im a 20 something who most folks call robin, but i also like v or shy or jade

i go by they/them pronouns and ID as nonhuman and kinfolk. queer as in fuck you! ^w^

my hobbies include videogames (pc, vr, nintendo), cooking, and extremely amateur guitar playing. all ive got really are an electric and bass guitar each and a copy of rocksmith loaded with all my favorite songs and then some. i also love to watch a ton of cartoons/anime, video game streamers, and nature

my epic gamer equipment


  • nvidia geforce rtx 2070
  • 16 gb ram
  • intel core i7 8700k
  • oculus quest 2 w/ link cable
  • 8bitdo pro 2


  • switch
  • new 3ds
  • old 3ds xl
  • r4i gold 3ds plus
  • wii u
  • wii

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